Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Day of my Boracay Trip :)

On our 4th day, we wanted to try parasailing and so we did. We were supposed to start early but there was a sudden change of weather so we had to wait for it to be okay. So while waiting, we decided to eat first at Jonah's. Jonah's is famous for their refreshing shakes! It's a must try when you go to Boracay. When it was time for us to parasail, we rode a speedboat then transferred to another bigger boat. We did it by two's and three's and each pair/group would be allotted 15 minutes. It was all our first time and we had a really great time. Another check for our bucket lists! :D Here are some pictures :

That's all thanks! Hope you liked the photos! :D

credits to cesca j, marinelle c, gabby c, mich m, nicole s for some of the photos :)